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How to Serve Papers Internationally

There are some instances in which you might find yourself needing to have papers served internationally. This can often happen with lawsuits due to the global marketplace. If the manufacturer of a product or the provider of a service is primarily located in another country, it could make filing a lawsuit and pursuing service more difficult. There are some ways that you can get papers served internationally.

A US Proxy

Many foreign companies have a US proxy. It may be an attorney, an accountant, a division of the company, an affiliate, or a subsidiary. If they have a US based presence at all, you can often serve process to this proxy. You will need a private process server who is well versed in the laws surrounding proof of service both in the US and the country where the company is based.

Service Overseas

There are two primary ways that service can be handled overseas. Which method you use depends on the country in question and the type of case that is involved. Some countries are part of an agreement about process service, and if the country is part of that agreement, process can be fairly simple and handled long distance through mail or courier. Other countries that are not part of that agreement could have their own special rules about how service is processed.

If you have an international court case and need documents served, contact us for more information. We are experienced in handling all types of process service, and can help you get your case moving along quickly. We have the knowledge necessary to help you learn if your papers can be accurately served, and how that can be accomplished.

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