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Spotting a Fake Process Server

It may sound crazy, but there are actually people out there who pretend to be process servers. They see it as a quick way to make a buck, but hiring a fake process server in Florida can mean big trouble for your court case. Before you slip up and hire a phony server, read through our tips on spotting these imposters:

Tip #1: Ask to See Past Orders

In Volusia County, a private process server must be appointed to each and every case in which they intend to serve process by a circuit civil court judge. Experienced process servers should have no problem showing your copies of past orders where they were appointed to cases with the client’s information redacted.

Tip #2: Ask Them About Alternative Service

Ask the process server candidate what they would do if they cannot locate the intended recipient of the process. There are acceptable means of alternative service in Florida, such as service by substitution or service by publication, so a reputable server should respond with information about these options. A fake server might say something about leaving the paperwork in a mailbox or with a co-worker…both of which are strictly prohibited and a clear indication that the server is unqualified.

Tip #3: Ask for Their Working Hours

It’s against the law to serve process on Sunday in Florida, so if the server’s working hours include Sundays, you know they’re breaking the rules.

Genuine Process Servers in Daytona Beach

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