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Titusville Process Server

Welcome to Accurate Serve Titusville!

Accurate Serve Titusville in Brevard County is one of more than 20 Accurate Serve locations known throughout Florida for trusted and reliable service of process. Whether you are in Titusville, Port St. John, Scottsmoor, or anywhere else throughout the state, Accurate Serve Titusville can quickly and efficiently deliver your legal documents like lis pendens, complaints, petitions, subpoenas, and summons. There is a reason that Accurate Serve is the first name that comes to mind for attorneys, companies, and individuals needing qualified service of process.

Service of Process To Fulfill Every Need

The certified process servers at Accurate Serve Titusville have years of experience helping lawyers, property managers, document processors, title companies, and other professionals handle situations requiring service of process. We understand the critical nature of serving papers quickly and efficiently, and we are also very familiar with the unique nature of serving papers in difficult and tense situations. With our extensive experience, Accurate Serve Titusville can provide expert service of process every single time.

When it comes to process services, Accurate Serve Titusville can handle it all. Our areas of expertise include civil litigation, homeowner’s association problems, interpleaders, subrogation, eviction summons, family law notices, criminal litigation, and more. We take great pride in providing the highest quality services to everyone in Brevard County and beyond. In fact, we can provide service of process not only around Titusville but also on a statewide and national level when needed.

Additional Services

To assist the service of process system, Accurate Serve Titusville also offers supplemental services including document retrievals, skip traces, and diligent searches. Document retrieval services are very valuable for attorneys and other legal professionals who need to quickly find documents that might be filed in any of many different county systems. For foreclosure cases in particular, the sheer volume of documents needed can become overwhelming without Accurate Service Titusville to streamline the process. Skip traces and diligent searches, on the other hand, can be used to obtain information about a specific person who is trying to evade legal service.

In addition to serving papers, the experts at Accurate Serve Titusville also know how to use every tool available to find the people needing to be served.

To learn more about the services at Accurate Serve Titusville, call us today at (321) 385-7379.