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Beware of Paper Brokers: Know Your Process Server

There is a new kind of process service company that has arisen in the last several years that work as paper brokers. These process service companies take on papers to be served and broker them out to independent contractors. There are several problems with this, and there are many reasons that you should know your process server who is actually handling your papers.

Problems with Paper Brokers

One of the biggest problems with paper brokers is that they contract the actual service of the papers to independent contractors that they do not have any control over. The paper brokers have no control over the methods used to locate the individual for service or how the papers are actually served. The paper brokers also do not train these independent contractors, and the contractors may not be well versed in the laws regarding process service. Using paper brokers can also lead to gutter serves, where the papers are trashed and documents are falsified showing service.

Knowing Your Process Server

When you know the private process server who is handling your papers, you can be certain that the matter will be handled appropriately. Private process servers who take on your papers and deliver them appropriately are far better than paper brokers. You have more control over making sure that the process server is trained and knows the laws and regulations about process service. When you know your private process server personally, you have the peace of mind that your matter will be handled accurately and quickly.

If you need papers served for your court case, contact us today for more information about how we can help. We do not farm out papers to independent contractors. All of our process servers are trained and educated in the laws about process service. Contact us today for fast and accurate service.

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