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Why You Should Never Lie to a Process Server?

If you’re being served with legal papers, it’s important, to be honest with the process server. Lying to a process server can only make your situation worse and will not help you avoid having to appear in court. So, if you’re served with papers, plan to appear in court as scheduled. 

There are some serious consequences to lying to a process server, including:

Extra Expenses

On each service attempt, a process server incurs additional costs, extra court time, and attorney expenses associated with rescheduling times. If the judge believes you are maliciously avoiding the process server, you will be made responsible for any extra expenditures incurred due to the delays. This also includes paying increased attorney fees for the claimant!

Delayed Schedules

Lying to a process server only causes delays in the process, which can be incredibly frustrating for everyone involved in the court case, from the judge to the court employees to the other litigants. Judges do not like their schedules being constantly changed due to delays caused by you avoiding service, and their displeasure could adversely affect the outcome of your case.

Default Judgment for Plaintiff

If it is determined that you are intentionally avoiding the process server, the court may issue a default judgment for the plaintiff. A default judgment implies that the claimant wins and that you must pay whatever fines, restitution, and damages are assessed by the court.

Criminal Charges

In addition to issuing a default judgment for the plaintiff, the judge in the case can sentence you to jail time and hefty fines for disregarding court procedures, delaying court cases, and slandering the legal system. Contempt of court charges might result in significant penalties and damage to your reputation.

Reputation Damage

Suppose certain people find out you are avoiding a process server or were charged criminally with contempt for lying. In that case, you may be left with hefty cleanup efforts for your personal and professional reputation. Inquisitive family members and coworkers will want to know the scoop so they can spread it around and the aftermath can have long-term consequences for your life.

Honesty is the Best Policy

You learned it in kindergarten and it’s still true today…honesty is the best policy! For process servers who always operate with integrity in mind, look no further than Accurate Serve® of Daytona Beach. Whether you’re an individual representing yourself or an attorney for a large firm, we have the team, tools, experience, and network necessary to effectively and legally serve process for all your cases. Call us at (386) 569-8475 or send us your service requests online today!

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